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Athabasca Health Authority Project_edite

Just before the fall, we were up north refinishing the exterior of the hospital for the Athabasca Health Authority!


The Hospital is the HUB for healthcare services for their surrounding communities. The communities include Black Lake, Fond du Lac, Stony Rapids, Uranium City, Camsell Portage, and Hatchet Lake. They are very involved with their communities, such as hosting educational workshops, attending events in each community as well as providing health and social programs.


We weren’t familiar with the area, so we didn’t know what to expect. When we landed in Stony Rapids, we were greeted from the staff and the community members at the hospital. The staff were very accommodating which made the project that much enjoyable.


When the weather was not cooperating, a local guide would take us out onto Lake Athabasca to catch us some supper. Beautiful country out there.


We would like to thank AHA for the opportunity to come out there and work along side them.

Athabasca Health Authroity Project 1.jpg
Athabasca Health Authority Project 2.jpg
Athabasca Health Authority Project 3.jpg
Athabasca Health Authority Project 3.jpg
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