Jobb Developments is committed to offer green energy solutions to all of Saskatchewan. We offer solutions from single solar panels to off-grid PV systems as well as other technology and materials that can be used to help improve your homes efficiency. 

Solar Power in Saskatchewan

According to Solar Panel Power Canada, Saskatchewan ranks as Canada's third best province for solar power. Saskatchewan scores higher than most provinces because of SaskPower's 20% cash rebate, high electricity prices and for being the sunniest province in the country!

SaskPower also runs a Net Metering Program which allows you to earn credit for the excess energy that you produce with your solar system, which can be used to offset your energy bills. Excess power is credited for the same rate that your buy it for.

Northern Resident - Solar & Home Performance Workshop

We have developed a Northern Resident - Solar & Home Performance Workshop. In this workshop we cover topics like: 

  • Solar Energy

  • Grid Tie PV System Design & Demonstrations

  • Off-Grid PV Systems

  • Building Envelope Upgrades to Improve Home Performance in Northern Communities

  • Home Energy Consumption 

We also offer information on different technology and material that can be added to homes to improve efficiency and in the end, cut the cost of energy.


Jobb Developments will work with you every step of the way to combat inefficiencies that you may have in your home. 



Jobb Developments now have your SOLAR Lighting Solutions for your communities, homes, businesses, cabins and wherever else you need outdoor lighting . NO ELECTRICITY needed. Can be installed virtually anywhere!

These elegant solar lamps are suitable for every modern architectural and landscape concept and blend in seamlessly.

It is scarcely noticeably, at first glance, that this is a solar light. The solar module integrated into the lamp post helps to give the MERKUR solar light its unmistakeable, elegant design. It can be integrated into any modern architectural and landscape concept. It is available in variants with 150 Wp or 300 Wp solar output. Both models can be put together in five minutes with just six screws.

This solar light is proof that functionality does not have to stand in opposition to attractiveness. The PROTOS solar lights have a unique appearance in combination with high-quality, robust technology. This solar light is therefore particularly suitable for use in car parks, on cycle paths and on connecting roads in out-of-town areas.

A modern energy pole with LED light strip can be integrated directly into bus stops thanks to the easy installation.

As a result, an optimal light output is guaranteed whatever the weather. The MARA solar light is ideal for lighting stopping points, pedestrian underpasses, carports and bicycle parking areas.

Elegant, powerful, and efficient – these are the features of the new JUNO.

The slim bollard light offers not only modern design but also innovative solar technology. The path light achieves ambience with optimal illumination, making it perfect for walkways, pathways, driveways, courtyards, hotels, gardens and golf facilities. Wherever electricity is not readily available, the new JUNO path light can be easily installed.

Unique staging of special places, gardens and parks or company premises with colour and light. With the extravagant HERA advertising light, you can attract great attention to anywhere in the world with the illuminated, striking advertising space with no laborious excavation work and with absolutely no wiring.

Due to its timeless design, the new ALARA solar light is perfectly suited for the illumination of modern urban areas, from parks via seafronts through to landmarked space.

These elegant and slender solar lights with integrated light section in the lamp pole are perfect for the illumination of pavements and footpaths in park areas or so stylishly setting the scene in extraordinary places. The light section can be fitted with an LED as a place or path variant as required.

The ARON solar lights are ideal for lighting

- residential and side streets
- pedestrian and bicycle paths
- homes and businesses
- parking lots and boardwalks
- golf courses and camping sites
- any location where there is no access to electrical power

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